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Karen is an Adelaide based AIPP Master Photographer.

As a child, I was always encouraged to pursue my love of drawing and painting. The creative process has therefore been a part of my identity for my entire life. I feel blessed to have something, which ultimately challenges me and also brings great joy to my life.

I have a degree in Visual Arts and painting and drawing were my main areas of study. The shift toward photography came later but I am still very much informed by the painter/artist within and this is fundamental to the way that I create images and see the world.

Nature has been a constant source of wonder throughout my life. A childhood spent in the country was an opportunity to explore nature and the environment with an unsurpassed freedom.  I love the process of change. I find beauty in the way time and the elements transforms people and objects. I am intrigued by details.

I love to capture meaningful and emotive images of people and to tell their stories through these images. I am fascinated by the stories contained within us all. I love the way that we can find connections with others through these stories and through shared human experiences.

I am proud to be a member of the AIPP – Australian Institute of Professional Photography. The AIPP encourages and supports the ongoing professional development of their members. 

If you are interested in creative and meaningful portrait photography, then please contact me because I would love to have the opportunity to create and capture moments that tell your story….


  • 2017: AIPP Master Photographer

  • 2017: AIPP Epson Professional Portrait Photographer of the Year

  • 2016: AIPP Epson Professional Portrait Photographer of the Year

  • 2016: Finalist - Emma Hack Art Prize

  • 2015: Finalist - Sight For All Photographic Prize

  • 2015: Finalist - AIPP Epson Professional Photography Awards Portrait Category

  • 2014: Robyn Stewart Award for Creative Excellence

  • 2014: AIPP Epson Professional Portrait Photographer of the Year

  • 2012: AIPP Epson Professional Portrait Photographer of the Year